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GABA - The Natural GH Booster

There have been numerous clinical studies on GABA demonstrating its ability to elevate growth hormone levels. An example being a study by the First Medical Clinic at the University of Milan in Italy titled, "Effect of acute and repeated administration of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) on growth hormone and prolactin secretion in man", which showed just how effective GABA can be:
Results from this study showed "In all of the 19 subjects studied, compared with 18 controls, plasma growth hormone levels were significantly increased (above 5 ng/ml) by acute oral administration of 5 g of GABA."
This study showed over a 5 1/2-fold increase in plasma growth hormone levels 90 minutes after GABA administration! That is a significant increase unmatched by any other nutritional means.

The most significant growth hormone elevation has been observed with oral doses of 3-5 grams.

Most cited studies on amino acids and growth hormone elevation utilize intravenous delivery means. This is unrealistic and doesn't reflect real world results. Studies on GABA have been performed with both oral and intravenous administration with the oral route showing remarkable effectiveness.

Growth hormone is believed to be the most potent muscle-building hormone in the body. Many factors influence your body's growth hormone output both positively and negatively. Weight training increases growth hormone secretion. And interestingly enough, sleep causes a spike in growth hormone secretion. One unique function of GABA is that it has a unique relaxing effect. This is important and plays into the body's natural slide into REM sleep. GABA's effect on growth hormone appears to be greatest after 90 minutes of taking it. This coincides perfectly with the body entering REM sleep.

Since GABA promotes a relaxing effect, sound and restful sleep results and with out sound sleep, muscle recovery and growth will suffer. Elevating growth hormone levels while promoting a more restful sleep enhances your body's recovery ability and will significantly increase lean muscle anabolism as well as promote a continuous feeling of well-being.

Higher growth hormone levels also increase your body's ability and use of stored body fat as energy. This accounts for your decrease in body fat while you are building muscle. Growth hormone's effect on decreasing body fat is well documented and to get this effect while promoting a restful sleep is a great benefit of GABA.

Supplementation with GABA may cause a slight tingling and flushing sensation minutes after you take it. This is not uncommon at all. Those that are not aware of this effect sometimes get a little excited. However, it's harmless and dissipates after 15 minutes or so. The way to minimize this effect is to slowly work up to the 5-gram dose over a 3-week period. For example, the first week start off taking 2 grams before bed. The second week increase the dose to 3 grams. On the third week go to 4 grams. And on the forth week you should comfortably be able to take a 5 gram dose before bed.

The best way to take GABA is on an empty stomach, at least 45-60 minutes after your last meal, with a small amount of water or juice just before you go to bed. This method ensures optimum uptake and no digestive or absorption competition. . Intake of GABA at bedtime makes it work with the body's natural rhythms for increased growth hormone production, which happens roughly 90 minutes after the onset of sleep.

Even though the effect of GABA varies from individual to individual, the beneficial effects may be discernible within two weeks, but its full impact may be noticed after six to eight weeks. Thus, GABA packs a great deal of punch in one amino acid that has numerous beneficial effects, and promotes general well-being relatively quickly.

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