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Monday, 24 May 2010 14:37

Tweet what you eat!

Written by Muscle Science
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Social media is fast becoming the newest way to communicate, interact, find new friends and learn new and exciting things. It's also a great place for like-minded people to come together. For those of you that are religious about keeping track of what you eat, you'll be glad to know you are not alone. In fact, a whole community exists just for you...

Tweet What You Eat is a Twitter-based website that allows you track your eating through tweets that you've posted. Simply register on the site, tweet what you've been eating as you eat it daily and their system will capture your meals, calories and the time of you meal - making it the most effective, easiest and by far the most convenient food diary.

Sample account

You can also checkup and explore what other's are eating

Sounds interesting doesnt it?

Check out Remember you'll need an active Twitter account, so make sure you follow us while you're exploring Social Media -

Have fun!
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