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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 10:21

Hoffman/ Brown Rivalry Heats Up

Written by Muscle Science
Congratulations to Team MS sponsored athlete Nolan Hoffman from the Tasol-Gt cycling team on placing second at this weekends' 116km Dischem Ride for Sight Classic

To read the full race report, please click here

Some behind the scenes images of our 2012 athlete shoot with International Rugby Player, Bismarck Du Plessis - The world's greatest NUMBER 2!

Be sure to visit our Facebook fan page for more and check out the video below

Check out our behind the scenes video (below) with Team Muscle Science Athlete Johan "Bossie" Boshoff.

More images available on our Facebook Fan Page

Muscle Science will award one lucky rugby player with a bursary to the Sharks Academy for 2013! The annoucement was made by Ian Wright, Brand Manager of Muscle Science, at a function at Kings Park Stadium on Friday 27 January.

At the annual Sharks Academy opening function, hosted by Hans Scriba – Head of The Sharks Academy, he said “Muscle Science is a long-standing sponsor of the Sharks Academy, and their support is invaluable to our players,”. “This bursary will give a talented rugby player the chance to study at the Sharks Academy and further their rugby career.”

The Muscle Science bursary will be awarded to a player who has entered the national competition and has been accepted on merit to the Sharks Academy. The prize will cover the tuition fees for the lucky winner. Ian Wright, Muscle Science also highlighted the importance of nutrition for athletes in conditioning and recovery as well as in rehabilitation for injured players. “There can be no doubt that sports nutrition is an essential component of any athlete’s regimen. Athletes require significant amounts of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins to perform optimally. Any athlete, whether amateur or professional, needs a diet which is formulated specifically to cater for the demands that strenuous exercise places on the human body, and high quality sports supplements are an extremely efficient way to achieve this .”

Muscle Science and the Academy have announced this bursary early, to give rugby players who wish to apply several months to get into peak condition and secure their place at the Sharks Academy. Full details of the bursary will be available on the Muscle Science website from 2 February 2012.

Applications for the Muscle Science bursary can be made on our website, just follow this link

For more information on The Sharks Academy, go to


Thursday, 02 February 2012 08:36

Team MS welcomes Bismarck du Plessis

Written by Muscle Science

Sharks and Springbok rugby star Bismarck du Plessis has sealed a sponsorship deal with leading nutrition brand Muscle Science.  As a professional player, he has the advantage of personal guidance from many professionals specializing in sports nutrition, but confesses that it is still not always easy to get exactly what he needs from his diet.

“I am very careful about what I eat,” said Bismarck. “I’m a farm boy and I love healthy, wholesome home-made food, but it is not always possible to eat the perfect sports diet, especially when the team is travelling.”

Renowned for his strength and power, Bismarck knows that nutrition is plays a big role in the maintenance of his physical aspects of his game, and points out that sports supplements are an efficient way to meet his nutritional needs.  “But obviously I can’t take any risks, so my first priority was to find a top quality sports supplement I knew I could trust to be pure.  Muscle Science was the natural fit.”

“Bismarck epitomizes power, strength and commitment,” commented Ian Wright, Muscle Science brand manager.  “Muscle Science is delighted to be associated with this champion of South African rugby.  Not only is he a remarkable rugby player, he is a true role model.

Strenuous exercise places significant demands on the human body, and good nutrition helps the body to adjust to these demands.  And Muscle Science can make the difference between optimum nutrition and being below par.  Muscle Science is the leading brand in South African sports nutrition, and has sponsored the Sharks Academy for several years.  Sponsoring Bismarck is the natural extension of our support for South African rugby, and is the perfect synergy of values and quality.”

See more photos on our Facebook fan page

Monday, 30 January 2012 10:38

Maree, 2nd at The Fastone

Written by Muscle Science
David Maree (Tasol-GT) got the teams season off to a flying start by securing a spectacular podium finish at the season opener, The New Fast One Classic held at the Midvaal Raceway. Northcliff Cycles sprinter Christoff van Heerdan claimed a surprising victory ahead of Maree and MTN captain Arran Brown.

The relatively flat route provided for fast aggressive racing with the first 30km being raced in just over 40 minutes with numerous attacks from all teams being marked and brought back into the bunch.

40km into the race a crash occurred containing Martin Wesserman (MTN), Richard Baxter and Clint Hendricks ( both Tasol GT) with Wesserman sustaining a broken collarbone while the two Tasol riders were able to mount their bikes and limp to the finish.

50km into the race the elastic snapped as Bradley Potgieter and Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (MTN) rode away along with Ian McCloed (Bonitas). Soon Louis Mentijies (Toyota CSA) managed to bridge and then Maree made the junction across to the break taking with him Herman Fouche (Bonitas), van Heerdan and Brown making up a 8 man decisive group.

With MTN having the numerical advantage in the break which included their 3 top sprinters they found themselves doing the majority of the work up front while in the chasing group it was Westvaal BMC and Cape Town Market who led the chase with the time gap hovering around the 1min mark

5km to go, McCleod attacked with Van Rensburg marking his move. That attack was followed by a counter by Meintjies which again was left up to van Rensburg to cover who then himself put in a counter attack with 800m to go.

Read the rest of this article...
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 15:20

Gary Cool - Not too cool for Muscle Science

Written by Muscle Science
We're helping 2OceansVibe DJ, comedian and MC Gary Cool turn into a lean, mean machine! Follow his journey "The Body Challenge" on his blog for more...

In the meantime here's a little snippet of today's blog...

All my life I have been the skinny kid, the one who got chosen last when kids were choosing their rugby teams at break. I was the first kid the neighbour would call when she locked her keys in the house and needed someone to crawl through the bathroom window…

In all seriousness, everyone thinks that it’s only overweight people who have a complex about their weight, but that can’t be further from the truth. I have always wanted to get my ass into gear and finally get into the shape I wanted to be in.

After months of working out on my own, without any form of guidance or supplementation, I received no results whatsoever and eventually gave up. This is a problem most people I know experience. I then spoke to a personal trainer ‘Mark Fox’ who operates from ‘Virgin Active’ Constantia, and he ensured me he can get me looking like Rambo in no time, as long as I eat well and get some quality supplements in.

Read the rest -

Monday, 09 January 2012 08:33

A brand new year

Written by Muscle Science

Check out the latest blog from one of our Core Brand Ambassadors, Chantelle Grove from Durban.

And so another year comes to an end... Some glad to see the end and yet some wishing it would go on forever. Whether good or bad, 2011 are full of memories made and lessons learnt. For some of us, lessons that were shaped through marriage and children and for others, through heart break of failure. Yet it doesn’t really matter which journey you took into 2012, but that you made it and that you’re still standing with your head up, ready to face the next twelve months with excitement, perhaps with a little fear, either way or both ways, it is a new start for each and every one of us.

Some of you have done your yearly sit down with a pen and piece of paper and jotted down your new year resolutions.  Some of you have decided to steer away from resolutions and just go with the flow.  I for one have decided to skip my yearly resolutions and have decided, that instead of writing down a list of things I need to do, to wake up every morning and live my life to the fullest.

2011 marks a year of heartbreak, it marks a year of lots of downs, many mistakes and expensive lessons learnt, but I stand at the end of it smiling.  I haven’t lost who I am, I haven’t changed as a person, and I haven’t sold myself short – not once.  I am proud of taking the bull by the horns and making my dreams come true one step at a time and therefore I look back at 2011 and I smile, because it also marks a year of victory, the year that I moved to Durban after dreaming about it for years.  It also marks the year that I became part of the Muscle Science team and that through that the year that I got to meet many people that will become very dear friends of mine.  So, both lows and highs bring me where I am today and I welcome 2012 with great expectations.

With new coach, new diet and new training programme, I look forward to step back into gym on Monday.  I am very proud to have such an amazing team of people behind me and so many people following my progress, I am excited to walk this journey with each of you and I hope that I won’t disappoint. Bulking phase is definitely my favourite part of the process, my body loves protein loading and heavy weight lifting and like a kid, I wake up every day with a big smile on my face.  I also can’t wait to get back to taking my supplements; I’ve missed my pre-workouts and those yummy chocolate protein shakes.  I have some great ideas for recipes that I want to try out this year and I will be sure to share it with all of you.  Back to the kitchen full time to prepare my meals every week, this usually ends up in all sorts of yummy, interesting adventures.  Dieting is never boring in my house, so watch this space and I will try my best to make your dieting a little more adventurous.

Here is to an amazing 2012! Let’s stick to the plan, follow our dreams, reach our goals and never ever look back.  Let’s take all our lessons learnt, all our memories made and everything else that brought us here and let’s make it work for us and in doing so making 2012 bigger and better and a million times greater than 2011 ever could be!! Here is to you, here is to me, and here is to the birth of new legends!!

Monday, 19 December 2011 08:45

Tasol–GT 2012 Kit

Written by Muscle Science
Tasol – GT Pro Cycling team unveiled it’s 2012 team kit... take a look at the kit

To find our more about the new kit, visit Tasol-GT's website
Monday, 12 December 2011 11:15

Jenna's Kick-Ass Leg Workout

Written by Muscle Science
Wanna get those glutes in goddess condition like Team Muscle Science athlete Limerick? Train like Jenna with this kick ass workout!

This workout involves a series of TRI-SETS, which means grouping three exercises together. Do each one of these TRI-SETS four times. Eg: (1) Deep Squats, (2) Curtsey Lunges, (3) Leg Extensions, then back to (1), (2), (3) until you have completed the series four times. If you're really hardcore and want to get those glutes to the max, follow Jenna's routine of doing five sets. If you are new to the routine, start off with three sets and increase this to four, then five as you get fitter, stronger, leaner and sexier!

Through this workout your heart rate will always be high and your legs will be burrrrrrning.

SETS: 4/ TRI-SET Group
REPS; 15 - 20 (Heavy as you can manage)
NOTES: When single exercises are noted, you must complete 15-20 reps on each side




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